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The Complete Wood-Brokerage Software Package
 Call Toll Free at 1-800-903-4122 To Receive Pricing Information!
What Does Wood Brokerage do?
1. Computerizes mill contracts and rates paid per contract or product type.

2. Computerizes all information on supplier's rates for Truckers, Jobbers, Landowners, Crew, etc.

3. Computerizes entry of Trip Tickets and maintains historical ticket information.

4. Prints Supplier Settlement Report to provide to your truckers, landowners, etc.

5. Prints checks to your suppliers for work performed.
How Can Wood Brokerage Help Maintain Contracts and Rates?
All data types are user defined:
  • Wood Species
  • Landowners
  • Supplier Rates
  • Grades
  • Parties per contract
  • Supplier Categories
  • Products
  • Species
  • Contract Rates
  • Sub-contract rates
--Wood Brokerage is customized to YOUR way of business. You are not restricted to a standard set of data!
--Wood Brokerage maintains a database of all your mills and suppliers for easy reference and organization.
--Your database can track any person involved in your organization and even your equipment such as skidders and chain saws!
--Wood Brokerage maintains the rates and expenses earned and paid towards a person or equipment.
--Rates defined in your database are flexible and subject to your way of business.

How Many Parties Can I Pay On Each Contract?
Wood Brokerage is designed to allow for any number of payees per contract.  A user-friendly interface guides you through a simple contract set up routine.  The software will remember the contract information and automatically populate the information for you each time the contract number is used.  However, should you need to edit the contract information, you may do so on the fly for any contract and ticket detail.
Wood Brokerage allows the user to define specie and grade prices for a variety of measurement types.  It also allows for subcontracts to the same party based on special criteria.  By simply setting up the main contract and sub-contracts through the user-friendly interface, the computer will populate the ticket for you and provide the specified contract or sub-contract rate automatically.
Is Wood Brokerage Designed for Smaller or Larger Operations 
Wood Brokerage was designed to provide a range of features and functionality for companies large and small.  For the smaller wood brokerage operations, this software provides a one-stop shop for organizing all facets of the operation.

For larger organizations, including paper mills and pulp buyers, this application provides a powerful interface to accounting and inventory management.   Combined with our automated weight-scale interface, this application provides the perfect solution for the busy pulp mill.  

Wood Brokerage Questionnaire
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