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Simply Computing International Develops Voice Board Grading

Simply Computing has been writing Tally systems for years.  Now in addition to PLC Automated, handheld, keyboard, and wireless handheld tally systems, we offer data input using a voice enabled computer.

Instead of typing in grade and surface measure on a handheld computer or pc keyboard, the grader simply speaks into a microphone, the grade and surface measure of the board.  This information is interpreted by the voice computer and the data is sent via radio frequency back to the host computer.  This makes the system real-time.  Every board is recorded as soon as it is graded. 

How do we know the board has been recorded ?  Each board is repeated back to the grader as confirmation.

Will the Voice computer work in my noisy Mill ?  Yes, we have installed voice systems in mills where hearing protection is required and there is loud equipment noise all around.  Noise cancellation technology cancels out all background noise.

For more information about the Voice Board Grading System, please contact Kimberly M. Haven.

For more info contact:
Simply Computing:
Kimberly Haven
toll free 1-800-903-4122