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Eliminate Hand Measuring & Load Compression.
Maximize Your Profits!

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  • Eliminates driver error by utilizing bar code technology
  • Insures accurate inventory
  • Eliminates hand measuring and packing down product
  • Insures optimum load size
  • Returns highest possible profit per load
  • Insures loading accuracy - eliminates guess work
  • Gives consistent, verifiable measurement of volume
  • Updates inventory and customer accounts automatically
SCI's Bark Mulch Laser Scanning & Inventory System is an automated scanning solution eliminating the  need for inaccurate physical measurement by hand.  Accurate to +/- 0.4mm, this system uses bar code technology to identify the truck, driver, trailer and account details as well as integrate with inventory, sales and accounting.

Process Overview

This system is designed to work with a manned loading dock. At the gate house, an employee enters a new order and prints out a dispatch paper, with barcode ID on top.

The driver of the truck takes the dispatch paper to the loading dock, where the bar code ID is swiped. The bar code reader, integrated with the computer system, looks up all load information, previously entered at the gate house, such as who the driver is, which trailer the truck is pulling, what product to load, how much to load etc. while at the same time processes the tare weight of the truck.

Once the weight of the truck is steady and stabilized, an outside display reader shows the driverís name, product to put on and gross weight to load to. This information informs the load operator as to the specifics of the load and guides him/her by showing how much gross weight to load.

When the load is full, the driver presses a button and the computer gathers total gross weight of the load and initializes the laser scanner. As the truck idles under the laser scanner, measurements are taken every 1 to 2 inches across and 2-3 inches down the trailer. The truck proceeds towards the sales clerk, all while the computer calculates volume based on known dimensions of the trailer, creates a scale ticket, processes the net weight, prints a load summary and has load analysis figures ready for the sales clerk

The driver presents the dispatch papers for bar code swiping., allowing the sales clerk to review the load information and assure the dispatch paper matches the computers scale slip information. This also allows comparisons between the weight per yard of this load with the average weight per yard of the 5 previous loads of the product. Upon approval, inventory is reduced by the net weight or volume, customer account information is updated and a delivery receipt/invoice is printed for the driver.

For More Information:

Contact:  Kimberly M. Haven (
Phone:       1-207-885-5140
Toll Free:   1-800-903-4122