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A complete lumber tracking application featuring real-time order tracking, production reports and kiln activity.  Whether you ship green packs or finished lumber through your planer, SCI's Lumber Inventory is the most robust and flexible solution on the market today.  Backed by SCI's commitment to customer service, Lumber Inventory is customizable to the way YOU do business.  The application comes with standard production, sales, inventory and billing reports to give you up-to-the minute information.  We stand behind our software 100% and strive to make the application fit your EXACT needs.


Increase Efficiency and Speed of Filling Orders!
Eliminate the exhausting procedure of manual data entry with bar code scanning.  With radio-frequency technology by Intermec, data is transferred and updated in real-time.  Print bills of lading and invoices instantly as loads are finished!

Technology involves:

--Wireless Radio Frequency Data Terminals or Hand-held Computers, with attached bar code scanners.

--A base radio sy
stem physically connected to a computer located within radio signal distance of the terminals.

--Software driver running on a P.C. to m
anage traffic to and from terminals and perform database updates.

Functional Highlights

1. Rough Lumber ID

  • Rough load is tagged and bar coded
  • Load scanned on way to kiln, inventory updated
  • Bar Coding remains with load through kiln
  • The kiln is emptied with utility in inventory system
  • Pack sent to planer mill, inventory updated
2. Planer Mill
  • Dress tag is generated and bar code label is printed
  • Bar code will associate with either specific order number or inventory ID
  • If order number, scanning label will provide order information onsite
  • If pack if for downgrade, a stock lift can be created
3.  Order Entry
  • Orders updated in real time for planer mill to process
  • Orders can be taken for immediate pick-up or future inventory
  • Orders taken immediately show in shipping schedule for all users to see
4.  Shipping
  • Orders can be staged, picked, and prepared for shipping within minutes of an order being placed.
  • Using Radio Frequency Scanners, orders can be staged and scanned while the truck is on the way
  • The scanning creates a ship tally number which creates a billing invoice and packing slip.
5.  Billing
  • Invoices are printed and ledger is updated without data entry
  • Data flows to accounts receivable application on queue
6.  Reports
  • History order files
  • Customer order reports
  • Annual Production Reports
  • Budget to Production Reports
  • Customizable Reports can be designed to fit YOUR way of business

Rough and Dressed Lumber Inventory Questionnaire
What product are you manufacturing?
Do you have a sawmill?
Do you assign pack numbers or load numbers?
Do you have planer mill?
Do you operate kilns?
Do you have an automated bin sorter?
Are you processing hardwood, softwood, or both?
What type of inventory software do you currently use?
Do you have an existing accounting system to integrate lumber inventory application to?
If yes, which accounting system?
Briefly describe your goals for the project... what do you wish to accomplish?

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