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Voice activated or hand-held computer automation of entire log scaling procedure. The data is collected and entered into a software application. Log Scaling Pro improves safety, speed, and accuracy of crucial scaling information.


Log Scaling Pro data collection captures all your vital detailed scaling information. Scaler, Scale Slip #, Contractor, Land Owner, Trucker , Woodlot and More…., Species, Grade Description, Qty., Row, Gross, Defect, Log Tag, Net, Cull, and %., allowing real time access to information. Our software is specifically designed for Lumber and Logging operations. Log Scaling Pro offers the solutions to give you the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Reports:  Log Scaling Pro reports are integrated within the software package.

Log Scale Tickets, Product Breakdown, Length Statistics, Diameter Statistics, Species Detail, Individual Log Tagging, Price Scale Slip, Purchase Analysis Report by Supplier includes all  Statistical Information, Supplier Analysis Report, Log Settlement Summary & Detail Report, A/P Edit List, Inventory Status and Summery Report, Log Usage Report, Trip Ticket Price Receipt and MORE..........

Automatic Sales Invoice. Sales Analysis Reports by Company and Summery, Profit/Loss Report, Trucking Settlement.

View Sample Log Scaling Tickets
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Data Collection Devices

Voice activated computer prompts operator for specific log scaling information allowing operator to scale logs hands free, providing a more accurate and safer operation in less time.

Hand-Held computer again provides for more accurate information while eliminating repetitive data input.

View Data Collection Devices




Read our case study on how Log Scaling Pro increased safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

 VOICE computers at Robbins Lumber in Searsmont, ME. 

HAND-HELD computers at Lavalley Lumber in Sanford, ME.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need For Log Scaling?
Log Scaling Front end is designed to run on most Hand-Held Computers running DOS.  Log Scaling Pro Back Office is designed to run on IBM compatible PC's running MS Windows, Windows/NT or Novell. Log Scaling can communicate with a wide variety of accounting programs.

Hand-Held Computers:

Hand-held computers put high performance computing power in the palm of your hand, with an internal type II PC Card providing access to the widest range of system options and industry standard infrared interface for cable-less communication, guaranteed to work in the toughest of environments.  Data can be printed directly from the Hand-Held or communicated to a PC via a cable connection or transmitted via modem.

What is Vocal Recognition?

Vocal recognition is a process which enables a computer to communicate verbally with its user. This is accomplished by using specifically designed software and hardware from Vocollect, the industry leader in Voice Recognition Applications. The Vocollect Talkman system can be trained to understand anyone regardless of their voice, accent, or speech patterns.

Is Log Scaling Difficult To Use?
Log Scaling was designed with the ease of operation in mind. The computer menus and user interfaces are simple and easy to use. End users who have never operated a computer before are up and running in just a matter of a few days.

Will Log Scaling Work At All Log Yards?
You name it and we can scale it. Any species, grade, deduct, Log Scaling can handle it. You tell us what you scale at your site and we'll set it up. When you start buying something new, Log Scaling will allow you to add that product and all of its pricing.


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