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  Barcode Labeling Software with ODBC

The process for tracking inventory includes printing bar coded labels or pre-printed labels for application at any step of lumber processing.  A tag produced for a log can be tracked from receiving, through the kiln, all the way to the shipping dock.  All the information specific to that log is entered into our inventory system. The log can then move throughout the facility, from station to station, even off-site, all of which can be easily tracked. Information on stock availability or product destination can easily be called upon at anytime.

SCIís Inventory Reports allows you too create, edit and print reports using selected criteria by Lumber Type (Species, Grade, and Thickness, et.), Vendors, and Row Number.  Additionally, here are reports on Yard Locations, Users, and all Transactions. This application allows simple, accurate tracking.


Bar Coding Hardware

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Bar Coding Labels

Pre-printed or print your own

Bar code tags and labels assist in organizing manufacturing, inventory management, and automated billing.

Bar code tags and labels are critical to customers' operations where essential production is occurring. That makes reliability, consistent product quality and conformance to quality standards the top priority.

We supply barcode labels for uses where durable, moisture, heat and weather resistant labeling is needed. Bar code labels can be printed in your thermal transfer and or laser printers. Labels can also come be pre-printed with consecutive numbers or UPC codes, etc.

Lumber processing places rigorous demands on bar code tags and labels. Our tags withstand Drying kilns and chemicals associated with processing of lumber. They stand up to outdoor exposure and abuse.

Our tag and label products allow tracking of wood products anywhere from Log Scaling to the shipping dockÖ. and on to the retail checkout counter.

                     Pre-Printed                       Printed on-site      Plastic Pre-Printed

Bar Code Applicators

Staple Hammers     Plastic Tag Hammer                       Plastic Tag Cartridges