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Visual AccountMate Products- Table of Comparison

AccountMate offers you different product platforms that will suite various types of businesses. Visual AccountMate SQL, Visual AccountMate LAN, and Visual AccountMate AS/400 are three of our time-tested products that  have serviced over 120,000 clients worldwide. In order for you to be able to determine which product platform is best suited for your business, a Table of Comparison is provided for your convenience.

Features VAM/SQL 5.0 VAM/LAN 5.0 VAM/iSeries 4.0
Database Engine MS SQL 2000
MS SQL 7.0
VFP 6.0 DB2/400
Recommended Maximum Database Size 10GB 2 GB 10 GB
Database Security MS SQL Limited OS/400 Object Security
Report Writer Crystal 8.0
Crystal 7.0
VFP 6.0 VFP 6.0
Transaction Rollback MS SQL 2000
MS SQL 7.0
VFP 6.0 DB2/400
Recomended # of Users 1 to 100 1 to 20 1 to 100

Modules Available for Each Product:

Modules VAM/SQL 5.0 VAM/LAN 5.0 VAM/iSeries
General Ledger (GL)
System Manager (SM)
Accounts Payable (AP)
Purchase Order (PO)
Accounts Receivable (AR)
Sales Order (SO)
Payroll (PR)
Inventory Control (IC)
Bank Reconciliation (BR)
Consolidated Ledger (CL)
Manufacturer's Inventory (MI)
Business Intelligence (BI)  
Contact Manager (CM)  
Internet Order (IO)    
Lot Control (LC)  
Item Specification (SP)    
Kitting (KT)  
Customer Inventory Manager (CIM)    
Price Control (PC)    
Return Authorization (RA)    

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